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Journal of Marketing Restricted Resource Some full text available
The Journal of Marketing (JM) is the premier, broad-based scholarly journal of the marketing discipline that focuses on substantive issues in marketing and marketing management. Since 1936, the journal has been a well-respected, widely used resource that provides marketing practitioners and academics with original research on all aspects of marketing, including pricing, advertising, sales, ethics, distribution, and brand management. JM's primary objectives are (1) to lead in the development, dissemination, and implementation of marketing concepts, practice, and information and (2) to probe and promote the use of marketing concepts for the betterment of society. Articles in JM are peer-reviewed by an experienced and highly respected editorial review board, guaranteeing thought-provoking, in-depth articles that cover the marketing arena. JM is designed to bridge the gap between theory and application. The journal is widely circulated and has a diverse readership that includes international marketers in all industry areas. By design, JM publishes articles on various topics that contribute to the advancement of marketing science and/or practice.
Journal of Strategic Marketing Restricted Resource Some full text available

Journal of Strategic Marketing publishes papers on key aspects of the interface between marketing and strategic management. It is a vehicle for discussing long-range activities where marketing has a role to play in managing the long-term objectives and strategies of companies. The objectives of the Journal are as follows:

  1. To bridge the disciplines of marketing and strategic management, and to address the development of knowledge concerning the role that marketing has to play in the management of strategy.
  2. To provide a vehicle for the advancement of knowledge in the field of strategic marketing and to stimulate research in this area.
  3. To consider the role of marketing as an orientation of management at the strategic level of organizations.
  4. Explore the overall management of the marketing function within total corporate management, with particular focus on issues of concern to marketing managers, directors and vice presidents.
  5. To publish state of the art papers, empirical research results, practical aspects of theory, case studies, new methodological developments, conceptual developments, and to encourage published discussion on articles.

Marketing Intelligence & Planning Restricted Resource Some full text available
Marketing Intelligence & Planning (MIP) facilitates communication between researchers and practitioners, providing the users of research with a wealth of robust and relevant information. At a time when some journals are losing their relevance to industry and practical requirements, MIP successfully offers a bridge between academic and practitioner thinking, while retaining a high level of scientific rigour.
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