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The Hive explores the technology, creativity and innovation that contributes to a healthier future. Dedicated to embracing transformative startups and inspiring entrepreneurs, TEDMED brings together the leaders of today with the leaders of tomorrow in a showcase of new approaches to innovation, scalable game-changing ideas, and the creative, multi-disciplinary entrepreneurs powering these ideas.


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 e-Service Journal is a multidisciplinary journal that publishes innovative, peer-reviewed research on the design, delivery, and impact of electronic services using a variety of computing and communication technologies. It combines both private and public sector perspectives on electronic services and bridges e-business and e-government.
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Home Health Care Management & Practice (HHCMP) began in 1988 when interest in home care was renewed and since that time this interest has grown exponentially. HHCMP provides a forum for writing about this care in a peer-reviewed journal. Editorials, commentaries, opinions, original articles, review articles, case reports, ongoing series are the format of the reframed HHCMP. This journal appeals to physicians, nurses, social workers, rehabilitation therapists, nutritionists, pharmacists, psychologists, pastoral counselors, home care administrators, and any other specialty area that touches the patient’s care at home. In a broader sense, social scientists, policy makers and regulators, geriatricians, especially in the view of the aging baby boomers, and many others find HHCMP both stimulating and educational. Current columns include: Bill Gatton School of Pharmacy, Health Care Diversity, Prevention, Psychosocial, University of TN – Knoxville College of Nursing: Perspectives on Home Health. This journal is a member of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE)
Hospital Topics Restricted Resource Some full text available
 Hospital Topics is the longest continuously published healthcare journal in the United States. Since 1922,Hospital Topics has provided healthcare managers and professionals with research they can apply to improve the quality of access, management, and delivery of healthcare. 

Dedicated to those who bring healthcare to the public, Hospital Topics spans the whole spectrum of healthcare issues including, but not limited to information systems, fatigue management, medication errors, nursing compensation, midwifery, job satisfaction among managers, team building, and bringing primary care to rural areas. Through articles on theory, applied research, and practice, Hospital Topics addresses the central concerns of today's healthcare professional and leader. 
Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health Restricted Resource Some full text available
 The Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health is a truly international journal that encompasses all aspects of epidemiology and public health. It publishes original research, opinions and materials concerned with the study and improvement of communities worldwide
Journal of Health and Human Services Administration Restricted Resource Some full text available
 The Journal of Health and Human Services Administration (JHHSA) began publication in 1978 as the Journal of Health and Human Resources Administration. It is a blind-refereed journal dedicated to publishing articles, symposia and book reviews in all areas of health, hospital and welfare administration and management. 
Journal of Health Management Restricted Resource Some full text available
 While there are several journals in the field of management and some in the field of health (including evaluation, policy, and social sciences), there is no journal focusing exclusively on health management and policy. Although most journals address scholars, there is a dearth of journals which are scholarly in their depth but address reflective practitioners as well as other concerned persons. The Journal of Health Management proposes to fill this gap. The Journal of Health Management is designed as a forum for exploring major issues of health policy and health management (including population and family welfare) in developing countries with a view to assisting the better implementation of desired changes. It caters to the needs of health policy-makers, health managers, reflective practitioners and action-oriented researchers.

This journal is a member of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). 

Journal of Health Organization and Management Restricted Resource Some full text available
 The Journal of Health Organization and Management (JHOM) supports the application of health organization and management research into practice from a diverse range of perspectives. JHOM provides an international forum for the exchange of innovative and methodologically diverse studies and analyses.

The journal seeks empirical and theoretical perspectives, including both traditional approaches and critical contributions which question established paradigms, and as well as complete work also welcomes ideas still under development.  

The International Journal for Quality in Health Care Restricted Resource Some full text available
 The International Journal for Quality in Health Care makes activities and research related to quality and safety in health care available to a worldwide readership. 

The Journal publishes papers in all disciplines related to the quality and safety of health care, including health services research, health care evaluation, technology assessment, health economics, utilization review, cost containment and nursing care research, as well as clinical research related to quality of care.
The International Journal of Health Planning and Management Restricted Resource Some full text available
 Policy making and implementation, planning and management are widely recognized as central to effective health systems and services and to better health. Globalization, and the economic circumstances facing groups of countries worldwide, meanwhile present a great challenge for health planning and management.

The aim of this quarterly journal is to offer a forum for publications which direct attention to major issues in health policy, planning and management. The intention is to maintain a balance between theory and practice, from a variety of disciplines, fields and perspectives.

The Journal is explicitly international and multidisciplinary in scope and appeal: articles about policy, planning and management in countries at various stages of political, social, cultural and economic development are welcomed, as are those directed at the different levels (national, regional, local) of the health sector. Manuscripts are invited from a spectrum of different disciplines e.g., (the social sciences, management and medicine) as long as they advance our knowledge and understanding of the health sector. The Journal is therefore global, and eclectic.

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 Ebrary ebooks on Health care Management
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